“For Pacific Lovers who need artistic non-traditional Island cakes, Sweet & Me is a Speciality Cakery that is true to the Pacific spirit. The visual appearance and ingredients used are a reflection of the Islands, as well as New Zealand, and evoke memories for all occasions. They are hand crafted based on your desires and offer great value".

Fijian born, Bertrand Jang hopes to cater to all families who are in need of an edgy take on cakes. What started as a hobby grew into a passionate skill that led to a Cakery,  reflecting Bertrand's childhood favourites. "My culture and heritage inspire me every day. I am proud of who I am and what I have learnt as a child and as a man travelling throughout New Zealand".

Bertrand uses a variety of ingredients such as Koko from Samoa, Heilala Vanilla Extract from Tonga, Coconut from Fiji or Coconut Oils from Northern Vanuatu. Here in New Zealand, Manuka Honey, Wild Berries from the West Coast, Molasses and Sweetener from central as well as fresh flowers from your local florists are some of the examples.

When it comes to cakes, not everyone has a "sweet tooth". Our cakes are therefore unique and can be adapted to each customers taste. For healthier and ‘dietary friendly’ options, Sweet & Me offers customers a choice of  healthier varieties, catering to each family’s need.

Sweet & Me extends its palate from the Islands to the beautiful reaches of Aotearoa, offering families in Auckland a bit of 2 worlds. From "Siamu Sapu" (rich coconut caramel sauce) to Koko Cake (Samoan Chocolate Cake) to Qalu (Sticky Fijian Dessert) to the all-time classic favourites Lemon Cakes and Summer Berry delights, Sweet & Me pays tribute to the flavours across our Blue Waters.

"I believe in local development and I will always promote homemade Kiwi products where I can, when I can. I love New Zealand, in all of its beauty and form. That first look on my customers’ faces when they see their cakes for the first time is GOLD! It's so rewarding to see their faces light up with joy. A great sense of joy overwhelms me".

                                              Bertrand Jang

Sweet & Me thanks you for your support and hopes to create that special experience for you and your family for any occasion.

Vinaka vakalevu and Thank you