Cake Me Up

"Growing up in the Islands we were raised on simpler cakes with one spread of icing.I hope to create a market for all families to enjoy more cake for a better value".

Over time, we researched that many families aren't that fussed by glamorous cakes with high end garnishes but instead enjoy just slabs of cakes with one flavour of icing. 

"I remember having family functions back home in Fiji and Mom would bake trays of pies and cakes feeding all my cousins, it was so tasty and also loads more for seconds".

Cake Me Up, is great for huge family gatherings, casual meetings, office parties and basically anywhere that needs to cater to large groups. It's also easy to transport and store (they fit snugly into fridges as it's only 3 inches high) and as a bonus, they are served in disposable serving trays.

Cake Me Up


These cakes are decorated with the bare minimum, however, if you would like to garnish your upsized cake, choose from our selection of garnishes and toppings to give your cake that extra edge.

Below is a size and price guide: