Berty's Favourites 

Here are some of my favourites that I have grown to love over the years. If yours isn't on the list, please let any of our staff know and we will try out best to pop it out of the oven for you. 

Noqu Viti (My Fiji) 

Taste the Island! Dense coconut cake, sandwiched between a rich coconut caramel sauce, cream cheese butter icing, bounty rum syrup, garnished with coconut candy and coconut fudge macarons.

Classic Carrot Cake

A nutty almond edge, with cream cheese frosting and honey rum syrup, white chocolate glaze, fresh flowers and macarons.

Butter Lover

Like it simple? Light buttery Heilala sponge, dulce de leche, butter cream, fresh fruits and meringue.

Mama's Banana Rama

A touch of ginger, spice and everything nice with chocolate cream cheese icing, chocolate truffles and koko drops.

Koko Samoa

Death by Koko! Island chocolate cake, filled with bittersweet koko ganache, Heilala vanilla syrup, hand pipped cream and chocolate roses.

Lady Passion

Dense vanilla cake, refreshing passionfruit curd, mint syrup, blueberry orange cheese frosting, candied apple slices.

Pineapple Pie Cake

Vanilla cake , layered with cream cheese and shortbread, pineapple and coconut pie filling and covered with toasted Italian meringue and freeze dried berries. 


Banoffee Pie Cake

Vanilla Cake layered with cream cheese and shortbread, coconut custard, coconut caramel and fresh bananas. Covered with fresh toasted grated coconut and sugar works.


Filled with chocolate fudge sauce, crucnhy peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla syrup, caramel glaze, chocolate rum truffles.


Need something smaller? Our flavours also come in cupcake sizes with a minimum order of a dozen.

Masi Macarons 

Handmade traditional Fijian designed macarons, filled with Island flavours and great classics.