Cakes covered in Fondant need a steady base to work on, this is why cakes are leveled and iced with a heavy butter cream or ganache. It also provides a smooth finish, as well as giving moisture and flavours to your cake.If you would like fondant as an option, please make sure to choose a butter cream or ganache to support the fondant layer.


You become the Pastry chef and decide what you would like in and on your cake. Your imagination is your limit!

Build Your Own 6" Cake

  • Compared to other Cakery's, Sweet & Me offers you the dream of building your own cake and gives you value for money.

  • To finish your cake, choose from an asortment of garnishes, from Masi Printed macaroons, Rum Truffles, Coconut Candy and more, from the Garnishing Menu.