Now comes the best bit: decorating! Give your cakes that edgy look by choosing one of the fantastic toppers and garnish options we have available

Cake Garnishes and Toppers

Candied Coconut
Chocolate Shards
Candied Apple
  • All our decorations are hand made and made with loads of love from the small kitchen of Sweet and Me.


    Candied Coconut- light coconut crisps dried with sugar and spice


    Meringue- KoKo meringues, Kiwi classic


    Chocolate Shards- milky wafers of chocolate giving you height and flair


    Apple Candy- weird in colour but great on the tongue. Coloured with sugar and dried till crisp and chewy

  • if we haven't got your favourite toppings on here, let any of our friendly staff know what you would like and we'll sort something out (extra costs may apply)

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