It is always handy to have cookies around the house, espcially during the festive season. This is an easy one for the kids to enjoy. 


Orders open: Monday 15th November

Order close: Wednesday 15th December

Pickup: before/on Friday 24th December


Our Christmas Cookie Box is 5 cookies and 5 flavours:


Peanut Butter

Using our favourite breakfast spread, our Peanut Butter cookie is 

sandwiched between dark chocolate with an unforgettable flavour, and is very easy to eat. 


Mars Bars

Baked to a nice chewy consistency and topped with melted Mars bar, these cookies are crisp and gooey with just the right amount of sweetness to keep your guilty conscience at bay. 


White Chocolate Marble

Our White Chocolate Marble cookie is the sweetest of the pack, definitely not a high brow cookie but delicious they are. 


Lemongrass & Macadamia

You are in for a mouth watering explosion of flavour with one bite. These cookies are simple but elegant. 


Coconut Shortbread

Buttery, soft and coconutty. Snap these cookies in half, dunk it into your coffee or tea and you have one satisfied cookie lover. 




Christmas Cookie Box